Mahesh Shastry

I live in Sydney, currently a Systems Engineer in a startup company in a small team. I am a Consultant and growing a Business.

I am a member of Engineers Australia(EA), Association of Computer Machinery( ACM ) and Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE), I try my best to be involved in their activities. These diverse organisations, and their respective chapters are large.

I have worked in various Industries with a broad exposure to Engineering and Scientific fields. My goals are rested in Medical Informatics, Telecommunications, Signal Processing, Control Systems, Physics, Computer Aided Design with Automation, and Good Customer Service. My aim is to take on more Research & Development and participate in Emerging Technologies within my stated goals.

I have worked in IT Service Management and in operations providing both reactive and proactive support while it has its difficulties I have enjoyed my Work so far.

I am always approachable to discuss new Ideas and Innovations and I will take any opportunity to meet and greet switched on groups and personalities. I have had the fortune of coming across many wise men and women in my early career, and continue to do so.

If there are any Academics and Industry Professionals who are interested in collaboration and writing papers for peer reviewed Journals please let me know, I would be glad to Discuss our collaboration.


Please send me a Personal Message on my Linked In Profile